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Crowd Network and Stowaway Entertainment Announce Original Podcast American Vigilante Starring KC

KC, the real-life U.S. military veteran turned American Vigilante, shares his unparalleled experiences rescuing women and children under the radar of the law  

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 – Crowd Network, the UK-based audio-on-demand network, announced a new original podcast, American Vigilante, co-produced with Stowaway Entertainment, starring KC and hosted by former BBC broadcaster Sam Walker.

KC is a man who took an oath long ago to protect his country and the innocent people in it against all enemies both foreign and domestic. After returning home from serving his country in the U.S. military, KC experienced an unspeakable violent assault that fueled his passion to protect those who cannot protect themselves and change the way their stories end. And now he’s sharing these stories with the world.

“I think that by finally telling our story there are people out there who will realize they are like me and my team, people who will hunt you down and make you stand before God for what you did,” said KC.

The American Vigilante podcast dives deep into the earth-shattering, real-life experiences of KC and his Brotherhood of Vigilance as they devote their lives to rescuing women and children who have been kidnapped, assaulted, and attacked, all while providing justice to families who didn’t receive the support they needed from the American legal system. These stories are brutal and shocking but depict the truth behind violent crime in America.

"KC and I were impressed by Crowd Network’s incredible podcast ‘Murder in House Two,’ and the sensitive nature of the subject matter made it clear we could trust them with KC’s need for strict security protocols in the making of 'American Vigilante',” says Jeff Singer of Stowaway Entertainment.

Crowd Network is the creator of podcasts like Unaccountable, a show fronted by Aloe Blacc and Ben Cohen that focused on police reform in the US, the award-winning Murder in House Two, and Alan Cumming’s Shelves.

The social justice meets true-crime podcast debuts with two episodes on September 13, 2021, with one new episode posting each week. KC, the Brotherhood, Crowd Network, and Stowaway Entertainment are devoted to helping the troops and their families deal with the challenges that often stem from serving our country and are currently engaged in finding foundations that address these mutual areas of concern. Listeners can hear the podcast on the following networks:





About Crowd Network:

Crowd Network was founded in 2020 by four former BBC staff, it has quickly grown into one of the industry's leading independent podcast networks. Its podcasts have delivered millions of downloads from listeners across the globe.


About Stowaway Entertainment:

After executive producing the hit Malcolm Gladwell/Pushkin Industries podcast Deep Cover: The Drug Wars, producer Jeff Singer founded Stowaway Entertainment in 2020. Stowaway produces film, TV, and podcast content based on previously unknown true stories and has projects based on magazine and newspaper articles and books in development at numerous major studios.



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