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What type of true stories are you looking for?


Many of the projects we're developing as feature films and scripted TV shows involve an element of crime, adventure, or danger; individuals on the right or wrong side of the law, and sometimes straddling the border. However, comedic stories are also appealing. Think:


Wolf of Wall Street / Argo / Catch Me If You Can / The Insider

Erin Brockovich / Orange is the New Black


Please note -- stories revolving around personal tragedies such as abuse, addiction, and homelessness that might make a good art house movie are unfortunately not a good fit for us. There are producers out there who are in a better position to sell stories of that nature, and you can find them on by looking up movies or shows similar to your story.


Why should I work with Stowaway Entertainment?


We are an L.A.-based company with strong working relationships; most of our stories come from referrals and word-of-mouth. We’ve placed articles profiling people whose stories we have discovered in publications like Rolling Stone, GQ, and the LA Times, which have led to film and television deals for them. We’ve been entrusted with the life stories of people ranging from the former chief prosecutor for the United States Air Force to a self-proclaimed hitman for the Gambino family. Our projects have been represented by powerhouse talent agencies like CAA, ICM, and WME. 


How do I know you won’t steal my life story?


Our projects are based on the real lives of individuals. You own the exclusive rights to your story unless you agree to allow us to represent those rights. We make life rights agreements with everyone whose stories we take on. We are happy to provide references.


How much will I be paid for my life story?


Your financial compensation will be negotiated by you with the studio or independent financier who wants to acquire the rights to your story. Your agreement with Stowaway will simply allow us to try to find a studio or financier to compensate you. We can refer you to terrific agents or entertainment lawyers we work with to handle your negotiations.


Do you offer paid Consulting Services to help develop ideas?


By popular demand, Stowaway has launched an exclusive consulting service to evaluate and shape stories for potential Hollywood adaptation. While we can’t take on every story that comes in, if you have a true story that you think could make a good movie or TV series, and need help developing it, feel free to reach out. Our packages start at $99

Who are some of your media partners?


We have relationships with virtually every prominent studio, network, and media outlet. Here are a few that you might recognize.


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